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When should I start hypnobirthing?

Pregnancy Hypnobirthing

The majority of people begin a hypnobirthing course when they are between 20 and 30 weeks pregnant. This allows sufficient time to understand the process of birth, which can lead to a much greater sense that labour and birth is achievable.

For those people approaching their baby’s birth with anxiety and fear there is so much value in having a new perspective as soon as possible. To know that having a baby can be an incredibly wonderful and rewarding experience, and that isn’t only dependent on how birth happens.

Stress, anxiety, and fear are commonly experienced when people have limited knowledge about what’s ahead. Having the knowledge about what you might expect, and importantly what you can do to enhance your experience is going to be incredibly reassuring. A good hypnobirthing course not only teaches great techniques to remain calm but also busts lots of myths and misunderstandings about childbirth.

People often ask ‘should I wait until just before my baby is due so I don’t forget the techniques?’

The relaxation techniques you learn are valuable for the weeks and months before your baby arrives. There are usually many potentially stressful transitions in life around the time a baby is born, from moving house and renovations, to concerns about reduced income and how to care for a tiny human. Everybody can benefit from having some go-to calming tools, they are life skills not just for birth.

Learning hypnobirthing knowledge and techniques together can be especially useful to strengthen your birth support team. Whether that’s your partner, spouse, friend, or family member, learning together enables you to have deeper, more informed conversations about what’s important to you both in regard to having a baby. The more time you have to explore the information and share thoughts and ideas, the better. When you are on the same page about your wishes and expectations it can strengthen your relationship and ability to trust that you can be supported in the best ways.

Repeated listening to the hypnosis audio tracks creates an automatic response in your body. The listener is making unconscious connections in their mind between being in labour and at the same time feeling capable and relaxed. It’s one of the principles that underpins the effectiveness of hypnobirthing. The carefully crafted positive statements that are suggested regularly are laying the foundations for a positive birth experience. The more times this connection is being reinforced the more helpful it’s likely to be.

The majority of people report having a much more positive outlook on completion of a hypnobirth course and so it makes sense to have reduced anxiety for as much of the pregnancy as possible.

It’s good to know that for those people further along in their pregnancy, it’s never too late to equip yourself with the comprehensive information, tips and a whole toolbox full of techniques that can have such a powerful influence on your labour and birth experience.

Babies can come anytime, but most are born nearer the expected due date. So it’s a good idea to aim for your final class to be completed by the 37th week of pregnancy.

The best time to register for hypnobirthing classes is anytime you are ready. If you know you want to do hypnobirthing classes don’t risk missing out because places are booked up early. With A Focused Birth your preparation begins as soon as you register. Even if it’s months before sessions begin. You’ll receive a wonderful pregnancy relaxation audio track to begin your path to a positive birth experience.

Midwife led Australia wide antenatal and hypnobirthing class

I have over 20 years experience as a midwife in the UK and Australia, working in both private and public hospitals. I have helped thousands of women in every scenario, from homebirths and water-births, births with complex issues, intervention, and caesarean births.

I am passionate about supporting women and families to be as relaxed and confident as they can be, whatever the circumstances. I have spent 20 years working in the Birth Centre and for the past few years have been an educator as part of the Child Birth Education Team. This means I am up to date with current research, policies and procedures when it comes to all things birth related.

In addition, I am a government accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, with an Honours degree in Psychology. In my private practice I specialise in treating anxiety, trauma, fertility issues, pain management and phobias, as well as hypnobirthing techniques.

Bringing together these sets of skills, knowledge, and experience I can guide and prepare you to have the positive birth experience that you desire.

What A Focused Birth childbirth education offers you

  • Comprehensive antenatal classes developed and facilitated live by a registered Midwife and Childbirth educator
  • Access to additional resources and recommended reading
  • Toolbox of relaxation techniques, coping strategies, active birth principles
  • Breathing techniques
  • In depth breastfeeding information
  • Chance to ask questions relevant to your individual circumstances
  • Birth Preference Customisable Template
  • Comprehensive customisable ‘What to pack’ lists
  • Huge list of positive affirmations to choose from
  • Opportunity to address personal issues, such as previous traumatic experiences
  • Opportunity to upgrade to include individual hypnotherapy sessions
Justine Daly, Midwife and Childbirth educator

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