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A Focused Birth antenatal and hypnobirthing program

All classes are now delivered online via live interactive zoom sessions.

If for any reason you are unable to attend, the sessions are recorded and you will be given access to the video. I'll also provide time for a one-to-one catchup if you have any questions about the session.

Session 1

Understanding your body and how it is designed to birth easily. This is to help you to begin to know that you can do it. There is an emphasis on learning how to help your body and mind relax. This is great in week one so you can start to use the techniques straight away, with practise you won’t even know when you’re doing it.

  • Welcome and overview of all the amazing skills you can learn during this course
  • Learn how fantastic the female body is when it comes to pregnancy and birth
  • Discover why keeping calm is essential for a smooth labour, and how your mind influences your vital birthing hormones
  • Understand what is happening in the different stages of labour, including how to recognise when you are in labour. Learn secret tips for each stage
  • Learn four amazing breathing techniques to help you before during and after the birth
  • I’ll share an incredible technique that you’ll wish you knew years ago. Setting an anchor is one of the best life hacks for instantly releasing stress
  • Discover just how important the language we use to talk to ourselves is. And how you can feel much more confident and in control when you choose a more positive approach.

Session 2

This session includes many techniques and tools to show you how you can work with your body for a quicker, easier birth, reducing the likelihood for interventions. Understanding how you can influence your perceptions of pain. These skills are so beneficial not just for labour, but also incredibly helpful while you are pregnant, and will serve you long after your baby is born.

  • What does labour really feel like? And three easy ways to change your perception of pain
  • Step by step guide to several relaxation techniques to aid to your tool box. So you can pick and choose what suits you: Affirmations/ Visualisations/ Self Hypnosis
  • Become familiar with Active Birth principles; learn the best positions and movements for a more efficient labour
  • Get an expert’s insight into the best ways to work with your contractions I’ll share – the most effective massage techniques, when to use heat packs, using a TENS device, what are water injections, how do they work and the best time to get them.
  • No one can predict how their labour will go, so being informed of all possible options takes the anxiety of the unknown away. We’ll talk about several possible interventions, including the induction process and what to expect when you need a caesarean.
  • Knowing the potential advantages and disadvantages of prescribed analgesia, will help you make an informed decision about when and how to consider your different options, including nitrous oxide and epidurals.

Session 3

Throughout the whole course you’ll discover numerous ways to be a fabulous birth partner, whether you are the baby’s father, mother, family member or friend. I’ll be sharing my top tips for being an amazing support, you’ll learn exactly what’s expected of you and help you recognise your experience can be enhanced when you feel you are not just an inexperienced bystander. When you have the understanding and skills for the best way to give support, together you become a stronger team. Plus you’ll get a handy cheat sheet for ‘the big day’.

Much of this session is spent discussing breastfeeding. There is so much to know; including how breastmilk is completely amazing, how breastfeeding is so beneficial to your baby, and to you Mum (did you know it decreases your chances of getting cancer?). And also practical step by step advice on properly positioning and attaching your baby to avoid many common feeding issues.

Becoming parents and adapting to your new demanding lifestyle can be challenging for most people. Having reduced sleep and different priorities can lead to tension. Learn some of the ways your relationship is likely to change and discover some easy techniques to addressing communication issues before they become a problem.

Session 4

Bringing a new baby home is an amazing time, but when your baby doesn’t come with a manual for his or her own unique set of needs it can be pretty daunting. I’ll share some of the essentials you need to consider to help you feel more confident and make it an easier transition for you all.

Everyone wants a baby that sleeps a lot and doesn’t cry. We’ll cover what’s expected and ‘normal’ when it comes to sleeping and crying. You’ll learn how to recognise the signs of what they might need (called cues) before they reach the stage of crying.

Plus learn my 6 top tips for settling your gorgeous baby.

Having a birth plan or more aptly named ‘birth preference’ helps your birth team know in advance what is important to you in your labour. It’s the best way to help you have an informed discussion, and can help you know what areas you need more understanding around before you make decisions for you and your baby. I’ll share with you the BRAINS decision making framework, to make the process easier.

As most babies in Australia are born in a hospital, I’ll share the best ways for you to make your birthing room feel safe and comfortable. Including what you might want to pack, and how to comfortably begin labour at home.

Learn the 5 sure signs you are in labour, and importantly, know when it’s time to go to the hospital.

When should I start A Focused Birth program?

Ideally starting when you are between 24 and 30 weeks pregnant, this allows you as much time as possible to prepare for your labour with the knowledge you need to feel that you can handle whatever comes your way. However, if you’ve only just chosen this antenatal class and are further along in your pregnancy, it’s never too late to equip yourself with the information and a whole toolbox full of techniques from which to influence your labour in the best way possible. It’s advisable to aim for your final class to be completed by 37 weeks pregnant. (Babies can come anytime, but most are born nearer your expected date).

When should I start A Focused Birth program?

Midwife led Australia wide online antenatal and hypnobirthing class

I have over 20 years experience as a midwife in the UK and Australia, working in both private and public hospitals. I have helped thousands of women in every scenario, from homebirths and water-births, births with complex issues, intervention, and caesarean births.

I am passionate about supporting women and families to be as relaxed and confident as they can be, whatever the circumstances. I have spent 20 years working in the Birth Centre and for the past few years have been an educator as part of the Child Birth Education Team. This means I am up to date with current research, policies and procedures when it comes to all things birth related.

In addition, I am a government accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, with an Honours degree in Psychology. In my private practice I specialise in treating anxiety, trauma, fertility issues, pain management and phobias, as well as hypnobirthing techniques.

Bringing together these sets of skills, knowledge, and experience I can guide and prepare you to have the positive birth experience that you desire.

What A Focused Birth childbirth education offers you

  • Comprehensive antenatal classes developed and facilitated live by a registered Midwife and Childbirth educator
  • Access to additional resources and recommended reading
  • Toolbox of relaxation techniques, coping strategies, active birth principles
  • Breathing techniques
  • In depth breastfeeding information
  • Chance to ask questions relevant to your individual circumstances
  • Birth Preference Customisable Template
  • Comprehensive customisable ‘What to pack’ lists
  • Huge list of positive affirmations to choose from
  • Opportunity to address personal issues, such as previous traumatic experiences
  • Opportunity to upgrade to include individual hypnotherapy sessions
Justine Daly, Midwife and Childbirth educator

Online antenatal and hypnobirthing class
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Next course starts Saturday Jun 22

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